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Hawaiian Airlines opens new luxury lounge at Honolulu Int'l Airport

HAL open air lounge

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — As part of Hawaiian Airlines’ new premium ground experience, the airline has introduced Apt. 1929, which is its new lounge located in the Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport main terminal. The name comes from the year (1929) when Hawaiian Airlines was founded and in addition to the lounge, it includes priority baggage handling, pre-arrival check in and expedited TSA among other amenities. 

[HAL photo]

It is a combination of an airport VIP service, plus an exclusive lounge, and it’s open to all Hawaiian Airlines passengers… at a steep cost.

While HAL hasn’t published a full breakdown of the pricing, the airline states it’s starts at $500 per couple and it is intended to make the journey through Honolulu Airport easier for anyone who is willing to pay. This service can be booked for arriving, departing, or connecting passengers and in the lounge includes a shower.

[HAL photo]

Note: In a recent Fono hearing, senators complained about the lack of a VIP lounge at the local international airport. And while, there are plans on the table to create a new VIP lounge area, as well as a restaurant-cafe lounge area, according to the 2024 Territory’s Comprehensive Report, there is no funding source cited.