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Cool Stuff: Steripen, UV Water Purification

Steripen UV light water purifiers are key for emergencies, but may also be an everyday carry item for you in the Territory.  With a Red Cross endorsed rechargeable unit by micro USB, external backup battery, computer, or solar panel, you know you are in safe hands.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Our island lives sometimes parallel disasters like Hurricane Harvey, even on a good day.  

The biggest problem South Texas and Louisiana are facing is too much water. The sad conundrum? The most important requirement for human existence is clean water. 

Mrs. Cool Stuff always boiled our family water...even in our heaven on earth, Savaii.  But if at a restaurant, at a friends house in Pago, stuck at Fagalii Airport with no Tala Samoa and have to drink from a water fountain...what are you going to do?  Diarrhea is probably the least fun embarrassing condition...let's say like while waiting an hour at one of the Territory's banks to cash your checks?

Steripen has an amazing variety of lightweight UV (Ultra Violet light) water purifiers that don't require boiling water to kill 99.9% of living nasties (Giardia, Cryptosporidia, etc.) that might be hiding out, even in clear water, to sicken you.  

You are on the go, you are not camping the Steripen models ($49-$99) are the perfect little pocket/purse travel angels. Works in less time than it takes to open a can of pisupo: 16 oz purification in under a minute, 32 oz in 90 seconds, in metal, plastic or glass vessel...or if your hands have jungle smarts, maybe your vessel is a coconut or bamboo.

If your are environmentally minded, you can avoid filling landfills by coupling your Steripen with a Hydraflask water bottle.  No waste ever.

Steripen is now owned by Katadyn, already a respected historic name in water purification, the Katadyn Group owns Optimus Stoves, Micropur, hiking/emergency food subsidIaries AlpineFaire & Trek'n Eat.  

For our suffering victims of Hurricane Harvey Steripen and Katadyn are valuable resources.   A truth is that contaminated water, and sanitation issues could sadly take many lives after the flooding subsides.

Our prayers to you Texas & Louisiana.