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Movie actor, Jason Scott Lee displays the Popgear version of Popticals in Little India, Singapore. [photo: Barry Markowitz]

Popticals are the most significant contribution to the practical art of sunglasses... in the history of the universe.

It was a privilege to meet Popticals' innovators a few years ago before their product was released. You Coolios have seen me abuse their prototypes Popticals on airlines, on purse seiners, around the canneries, the Pacific's rugby & football stadiums, on the beach at Maliu Mail, Savaii's Uini & Ieu's Island View, and Sadie's by the Sea... with amazing results.

Popticals are magic because: a) they slide to collapse (stainless steel FL2 Micro Rail System) in half neatly fitting in a hard, clip on case; b) lenses are polarized optically superior Zeiss perfection; c) my Popticals never seem to scratch; d) taking a red-eye flight from Samoa... just clip the Poptical hard case to your belt loop, backpack then on arrival toss on your Popticals to combat the harsh morning glare; e) Popticals nylon Carl Zeiss lenses are UV400, are scratch resistant, and incorporate Ri-Pel moisture/oil/ dust/dirt resistant technology; and, f) frames are are made of super tough and flexible Swiss Grilamid TR 90® manufactured in Italy

Now the funny back story of my gift of Popticals to Jason Scott Lee.

Jason and I developed a recent tradition of having blue collar food court lunch in Singapore when I am there for the Singapore 7's Rugby or in this case a potential TV show production.

As is normal in the Pacific, Jason and our family are connected through a cousin/ good friends/and Chinese Restaurants.

Jason is a good kind family man, who facilitated my accommodations last March in the interest of our meetings. In the reciprocal tradition of 'all things Coolio' he received a mealofa —  a big bag of Hawai’i chocolate covered MacNuts for his wonderful daughter, Hawai’i coffee for him and his lovely Singapore wife, and the Popgear Poptical sunglasses as Jason's special personal gift.

Knowing that Jason is a great outdoorsman, who has done documentary stories on Malaysia, etc., the pictured Popgear was selected because they are the ultimate light protective and are the strongest Poptical version available.

Ironically, rather than accept the brand new Popgear, Jason preferred the beater used Popairs/ Popguns Popticals I had on my face.

If you are a fisherman, the Popgear is the perfect tool.

If you are a movie star, not portraying Ray Charles... Popticals lighter versions are the best in quality and for still keeping that stylish Hollywood vibe going — even in Singapore.

Find all Popticals online at They retail from $189- $239 and are absolutely well worth it — with the clip on case, I never lose them — and with the sophisticated Zeiss lenses they haven't yet scratched.