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Cool Stuff: Luminaid Solar Lanterns

Luminaid donated a thousand of their Solar Lanterns to Houston's Hurricane Harvey victims this week. Several of these precious lanterns are being hand carried this week to the American Samoa Red Cross.  Ken Onion, pictured, co-founder/Board of Director for Alaska's Healing Hearts (created to help nurture disabled US Veterans) studies a few of the several dozen lanterns donated to his beloved non-profit.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Luminaids' Solar Lanterns are a blessing for Houstonians and we island residents that frequently face big time dramas.  America has now learned what we already know, that self-reliance may be your only option not a choice, when the enormity of a tragedy is beyond comprehension and government manageability.

Luminaid's models can provide 50 hrs of lumination at low light, 18 hrs on high, 9 hrs medium, and 4 hours on Turbo at 150 Lumens and three days on intermittent blinking.

Remember the old days when we had to use stinky inefficient (unsafe indoors, hot) gas/kerosene lanterns or noisy generators? Modern long life affordable  Luminaids are priced as follows: Packlite Nova $19, Packlite Spectrum (colored light selectable) $24, Packlite Max $29...fully chargeable from the sun in 10 hours, USB cord chargeable in 1 1/2 hours.  You can buy direct from the link below:

Luminaids have a strap that compresses your lantern that can also be used as a hanger.

To maximize light diffusion, your Luminaid inflates just like a beach ball or air mattress.

In Cool Stuff's Savaii or Tulaele, Upolu homes our Luminaids are left in the window in the morning so they are ready to rock all night (we have naughty Upolu relatives that break into our bedroom and borrow our light bulbs.  No they don't fa'amolemole, nor do they fix the damaged doors and windows).  

If it’s Palolo time, all Luminaid Solar Lanterns are surface waterproof and float.  If a cyclone, earthquake or tsunami hits... Luminaids' internal batteries will store your charge even if stored in a drawer.

University of Illinois students Anna and Andrea created Luminaid Solar Lanterns to help with Haiti earthquake victims.  Eventually their genius was picked up by the ABC National TV show, Shark Tank, with celebrity investor Mark Cuban winning the company's trust under his corporate umbrella.

Due to airline disaster protocol Cool Stuff faced in delivering Luminaids to Fiji cyclone victims, we now have initiated a proactive agenda.  

Several Aunu'u families, Talofa Air (may be called upon to deliver emergency supplies at all hours), Pago Plaza (a sanctuary for yachties who will be forced to evacuate their vessels), Evalani's (who also hosts evacuated boat folks), a Homeland Security employee (for his dept's review), and (next week) American Samoa's Red Cross, all have a donation of Luminaids. We trust these folks to help others when a natural disaster wacks the Territory.

If you order in bulk, you can pay a little extra for personalized imprinting of your organization or company name. My recommendation is that ASNOC and AmSam's Special Olympics should use their imprinted logo on Luminaid Solar Lanterns as a fundraiser. Those two organizations ought to call Howard Helg at Pago Plaza. He has received a donated sample for both Olympic organizations.

If any other worthy organization would like to be considered for a future Luminaid donation, please ask the Governor's Office to call me.  

Oh, better scratch that suggestion, I don't think their ASTCA ASG phones will connect to my Bluesky Pago or Apia cell numbers.