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Cool Stuff: Luminaid’s Packlite Max phone charger

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, & Maria’s devastation is being proactively battled by Luminaid’s Packlite Max Phone Charger, only $39 if you preorder now!  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Our Pacific Island hearts have no limit to our compassion.  Samoa’s churches have dedicated prayers to the unprecedented multitudes of hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. We also know we are in a future cyclone’s crosshairs.

Luminaid’s founders & staff deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Not only do they create great solar lighting products but they donate Luminaid Solar Lanterns whenever and wherever a disaster occurs. On their website you will find they are also fundraising to help victims.

American Samoa is well regarded by Luminaid. A donation of solar lanterns has been delivered to the Territory for the American Samoa Red Cross. Howard Helg of Pago Plaza will present them to you if you could reach out to him.  (Cool Stuff no needs email, Facebook or Instagram... we message thru the magic pages of the Samoa News).

The PackLite Max Phone Charger ($39 now with pre-order) is the evolution of Luminaid’s genius. Not only do you possess free lighting from the sun, but now the internal batteries have the extraordinary capacity to charge your cell phone and other small USB cord devices (action cam, Steripen Water Purifier, backup external batteries, small drone?)

The Caribbean and Gulf States’ current dramas are a significant reminder... gather resources, make a plan, go camping with your family and friends to test your skills to sustain.

We hold back our tears because we have lived through Cyclone Ofa, Val and the horrific Samoa Tsunami.  Prepare.  Embrace the solutions now, not the fear after the impact.