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Cool Stuff: Lamzac — ‘land hammock’

Whip out a Lamzac for surprise relatives to camp out in the living room...or a comfy way to savor the beach without sand or fleas.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

It’s a Lamzac, but Cool Stuff refers to it affectionately as a land hammock.

Ordered by my youngest Coolio daughter to get her a proper hammock for her frequent stays in Aunu'u, and Savaii... “sorry Winnie girl, had to get you a Lamzac instead.”

I remember hanging out in Jack Thompson's "Throwin' Samoan" Eastern District village one sunset, being well behaved with Aua friends, when an aitu began to drop a coconut here and there. 

Three feet away from a coconut attack impact is a scary moment. So you think my Missy Fia Poto Coolio daughter is going to hook up to a coconut with a hammock I give her? ... no way.

Lamzac gives her that down home hammock fale feeling without the trees.  Just open one velcro pocket at a time, swoosh it in the air and you have your Lamzac floating you to peaceful dreams or your own safe sunsets in Aoloau, Swains Island, or New Zealand (the last place I saw Jack headed from the Territory).

Designed for the extremely solid ones in your family, the Lamzac will support up to a 440 pound dainty defensive tackle, and weighs only a surprising 2.6 pounds.  

Sleeping at relatives on a fala is "A-OK" with Cool Stuff... but the aotoaloas are not so cool. Cool Stuff has seen, done hand-to-hand combat, and decapitated a few centipedes. So being two feet off the ground is truly wonderful bite prevention.

The Lamzac comes with a convenient over the shoulder carry bag, listing for $59 on their website, $40 on ebay.

Now, are you going with sky blue, purple, yellow, green, orange, dark blue, red or camouflage?  Get one of each color... you have heaps of relatives, who are going to want to say "malo malo" consider it a great family gift next time you are called upon to be a free hotel.