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Cool Stuff: The ingenious Klecker Klax Axe

The Klecker Klax axe is stunning in its ingenious flexible capabilities.   [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

A small axe with no handle is the best hand tool!

The Klecker Tool & Knife folks know it’s so much easier to clip the Klecker to your hip or backpack and grab a handle from a tree branch if you really need it. Frequently you don't need a handle on a small axe as you are shaving wood, fitting small notches, or doing some lightweight hammering.

Over kill on basic tools means weight, and awkward devices bumping you in the shoulder, butt, and even your head. So the “Klecker Klax” lets you function with no handle, a store bought handle or best of all a free one made of a fallen branch assembled in two minutes.

I was privileged to spend time with Klecker's designer who shared that the inspiration for much of his Klecker axe and knife innovations come in dreams.

You know how many times Cool Stuff has slept off several Vailima Beers or Cutty Sark Whiskey at Sadie Thompson’s Restaurant and couldn't come up with one paragraph for our column or remember if it was Evalani's Taco Tuesday or Polynesian Shipping/ Samoa Shipping Corporation's boat day to Apia.

Purists may refer to the Klax as a indigenous American Tomahawk.

Cool Stuff calls it pure simple genius. Check out the extra features and functions:

  • Stainless Steel Axe Blade
  • Patent Pending Clamping System
  • Ulu Knife Blade (Alaskan, not breadfruit influence)
  • Knife Blade
  • Hammer Head
  • Cutting/Gut Hook
  • Hex Wrench Set (Inches)
  • 1/4” Hex Bit Driver Socket
  • Bottle Opener
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Carabineer 
  • Ruler (Inches)
  • Comes with Ballistic Nylon Sheath

The Klecker Klax is a vital part of my gear for any future CNN Pacific disaster coverage. You military guys know that your gear becomes part of organized chaos in a Coast Guard C-130. Less is so, so much better.

The innovative magic and quality are a bargain at $180 for the stainless Klax, $140 for the basic version (attachable with paracord), and for you true Coolios there is a magnificent Titanium version Ti-Klax for $595. Order yours at

Check out their solid knives listed on their website... really unique, very strong... and as only you Coolios know, inspired by dreams.

We at Cool Stuff having saved all our Samoa News two tala bonuses to pick up my Ti-Klax later this month if ya'll don't buy all the stock. You Coolios probably will... and you will use and enjoy the heck out of it!