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Cool Stuff: Catalyst gives your iPhone protection

Catalyst is a truly unique iphone case that they attest is 33-ft water resistant, 6.6-ft drop proof, and when "hell freezes over" and it snows in Pago Harbor...Catalyst protect you from that possibility too.  [photo: Barry Markowitz]

Catalyst is a well thought out, intelligently engineered protective iPhone case.  Got mine today and I am marveling at its innovations.

Dirt, water, snow & foolish drops... beware! Catalyst is on our side giving us a second, third and probably 15th chance at our iPhone's survival.

Cool Stuff really appreciates the top left dial that easily shuts off the ringer for proper Nu'uuli movie theater etiquette, or when the Honorable Governor invites you to learn about new immigration procedures, layoffs, or a guide to easy budgeting for telecommunications cable acquisitions... in court — pay attention, fa'amolemole, no disrespectful phones ringing. 

Coolios will be ecstatic that family days at the beach are a lot less risky. Baby Coolios sometimes mistake your $1,000 iPhone, for a frisbee.

With Catalyst the lapping waves and mounds of sand and mud are just a minor nuisance.

For Cool Stuff's CNN, Samoa News, Aussie TV or Honolulu Star Advertiser disaster coverage, the Catalyst case is heaven sent.  The charging port and speakers are securely plugged.

Yup, Cool Stuff's 'ol iPhone 4s did Japan Tsunami coverage, back in the day, when the evacuation zone left no other alternative to upload images to the network.

So respect your devices with Catalyst ($89 for the 7 Plus & iPad Mini 4; $60-$70+ for iPhone 4/4s thru iPhone 6/6plus) and your phone will always be there when you need it.

Hmmm... Catalysts also protects your Apple Air Pods, laptops, and Apple Watch?  Well done, Mates.

I have seen you Coolios glued to that phone... so invest in the case — for all your goodies. If you fish, have a boat, work at Starkist, it’s a no brainer.