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Christmas lights

Christmas lights and decorations
Time for that Christmas evening ride with Family: A Hawaiian style Christmas setting including characters from the Disney movie “Moana” at a business compound along the Tafuna airport road. Holiday decorations along the territory’s roads attract many Christmas visitors — taking an evening ride with...
Christmas lights on Mauga-O-Ali’i
LET THERE BE LIGHTS — Christmas lights spill down the hillside from the Governor’s Mansion on Mauga-O-Ali’i in Utulei in this Samoa News photo taken last Friday as American Samoa celebrates the holiday season. [photo: FS]
Christmas lights at Aoloau
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year American Samoa — God Bless Us One & All. Christmas lights light up Aoloau village last week during a special village Christmas lighting ceremony, celebrating the holiday season in American Samoa. Be safe, Be kind to one another. [photo by AF]
Christmas lights at CCCAS in Matu'u
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas — despite the wind advisory and flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service for Tutuila, Aunu’u, and Manu’a and Swains. A photo of the CCCAS in Matu'u this past Sunday evening. Across the street — on the sami side — the village is lined...