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USCG, Marine Patrol & EMS rescue injured fisherman

A fisherman who suffered injuries onboard a fishing vessel south of American Samoa was medivaced by ocean vessel to Tutuila and taken by ambulance  to the LBJ Medical Center. The fisherman was released Friday morning, according to local officials.


Capt. Wallace Thompson said local officials received a call around 4p.m. Thursday from the local U.S. Coast Guard about a medical rescue for a fisherman who was hurt while fishing onboard the fishing vessel Cape Hattares, which was located about south of the territory.


The vessel, which belongs to Tri Marine International, was setting up their nets when the ropes apparently snapped, injuring the fisherman, said Thompson according to the information he received.


Quick communication was made between Department of Public Safety’s Marine Patrol with Port Administration’s Water Division, the Emergency Medical Service and other local officials to arrange for a medical rescue team and a transfer of the fisherman to land.


The MV Sili was dispatched to the scene along with an EMS team on board. However, when they arrived at the designated location which was pre-arranged between all parties, seas were a little rough, said Thompson.


It was initially arranged that the injured fisherman was to be transported to the fishing vessel’s skiff (or small boat) and then transported onboard the MV Sili to bring him back to Tutuila.  However, there were concerns due to unstable sea conditions, as well as the fact that his actual condition was still unknown, so moving the man was problematic.


It was decided that the EMS crew would transfer to the skiff so they would be able to get onboard the fishing vessel, which then sailed to Pago Pago along with the MV Sili. They all arrived around 6p.m. Thursday and an ambulance was already at the main dock awaiting transport.


“I thank God things worked out. Everyone involved did a great job. Everyone coordinated with each other,” said Thompson. “It is great to get back professionalism in our government. And the Coast Guard, as usual were very professional.”