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Team Amerika Samoa in the 808 State

eam Amerika Samoa on the road in the 808 State of Hawaii – on their way back to Waikiki from a church service that was held in Waipahu, as they were hosted by the Waipahu Methodist Church this past Sunday. [photo: courtesy]
Overall, the team has been in good spirits – they are still trying to adjust to the cool air, they know that this is a ‘business trip’, not a vacation.”

Last Friday evening, the American Samoa Department Of Education (ASDOE) Sports Department with the American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) sent three All-Star teams to the State of Hawa’ii to compete in the Junior Prep Sports (JPS) Paradise Classic II.

This is their second time participating in the event, only this time, the Territory not only has a high school all-star football team in the mix, but also has the girls high school all-star volleyball team led by Head Coach Lydia Nomura, and the JPS All-Star (Jr. Division) under the direction of Head Coach Loso I’aulualo.

Leading our high school all-star football team is Head Coach Pati Pati, in his second trip back to Hawai’i as American Samoa’s head coach.

Samoa News interviewed Pati this past Sunday via email. He was asked about the teams’ reactions upon their arrival in the 808 State — responding, “Overall, the team has been in good spirits – they are still trying to adjust to the cool air, they know that this is a ‘business trip’, not a vacation.”

Pati said, “For some students, this is their first time here in Hawai’i.”

Hei said, “All three teams are staying at the Aqua Surf Hotel in Waikiki – we arrived Saturday morning and the we had our first practice at Kapiolani Park that same evening.”

According to Pati, our local all-star athletes were treated to light running and reviews during their first feel of practice away from home.

When asked about the weather and its possible affect on our athletes’ performances, Pati said, “The weather is much more cooler here in Hawai’i compared to American Samoa. The players are adjusting slowly to the cooler air — I don’t think it will be a factor.”

Pati told Samoa News that right now they want “to have our players focused and relaxed – we had practice yesterday morning and will be out on the field again today. Tomorrow, we’re going light with just a walk-thru practice and reviewal of plays, then we’ll field for our first game this Thursday.”

On behalf of all the teams and coaches in Hawai’i representing American Samoa, Pati said, “We just want to thank the people of American Samoa for their prayers and support – Thank You Honorable Governor Lolo Moliga for making this possible.”