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‘Mua’ back to village of Aua

Le Afioga i le Utaife’au ia Leonard Sonoma (center) and committee members of the Paepaeulupo’o II from the village of Aua – posing for a Samoa News group photo in front of their – ‘Faleva’a’ – yesterday evening. Uta’ife’au will be taking the helm of the Paepaeulupo’o II again for the 2017 Flag Day Fautasi Regatta. [photo: TG]
(with their ‘apafoe’ in check – Utaife’au and the aumaga are ready)

The village of Aua have faith in their taife’au and their aumaga – as they’re focused on one thing and one thing only, the ‘Mua’ to be brought back home to crown their Paepaeulupo’o II who have been noticed throughout the previous fautasi races as one of the most threatening demons to reak havoc in our annual Flag Day Fautasi Regatta.

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Matai Taule’ale’a Voloti Malietoa who was the spokesperson on behalf of le Afioga i le Utaifeau Leonard Sonoma – told Samoa News that the Paepaeulupo’o II and its crew are in their tenth week of training and preparations for this years Faigamea i le Tai. Malietoa stated “we also believe that our auva’a have gained the strength and stamina, to power the Paepaeulupo’o II – within the 7 mile destination of a race that was laid out for us by the committee of this years Faigamea i le Tai.”

Malietoa added “I know as of now, the committee still hasn’t confirmed where the actual starting point of the race will be – neverthless, our aumaga and the crew of the Paepaeulupo’o II are continuing to keep up with our usual trainings and fitness activities to maintain the strength and stamina of our auva’a.”

According to Malietoa, the preparations and trainings of the Paepaeulupo’o II and the aumaga from the village of Aua are under the supervision and management of le Afioga i le Utaifeau Leonard Sonoma – who will again be at the helm for the Paepaeulupo’o II come the day of the race.

Reflecting on the changes made to the auva’a of the Paepaeulupo’o II this year compared to the past years of Fautasi Racing, Malietoa told Samoa News “there isn’t much of a change compared to last year. As of now – ‘o lea ua maua apafoe a le fanau, maua le malosi o le auva’a, taua ina o’o mai loa le aso o le fa’amoemoe o Tutuila ma Manu’a”.

Elabortaing on the focus and goal for the village of Aua for this years Flag Day Fautasi Regatta, Malietoa told Samoa News “just like all the other crews competing in this years Faigamea i le Tai, we are focused on the ‘Mua’, o le sini o le aumai o le Mua i totonu o le afioaga – overall,our Manulauti or aim for this years race as well is to embrace the bond within the youth of our territory so that they can all get to know each other and have respect for one another.”

Malietoa told Samoa News that the aumaga and the crew members that are actively coming out to vie for a seat on the Paepaeulupo’o II consists of 47 active crew members – but the Sa of the Paepaeulupo’o II can only accomodate 44 rowers come the day of the race.”

He continued “we have a lot of new young youth members that are starting to come out to be part of the aumaga, as well as to being part of our auva’a – some of our experience and old crew members have gone off island for educational purposes as well as honoring their creed as being members of the US Armed Forces.”

Malietoa added “the eldest crew member on our auva’a this year is 45 years old – our youngest rower as of now is 15 years old. We are proudly continuing to see the young youth members of our alalafaga coming out learn the ways of the sport – these are signs improvements within our aumaga and our village – these are also ways of believing that the Aua’s experience within the sport of fautasi racing is still improving and moving forward”.

He continued “I also believe, this goes for all the other competitors and villages and their Sa every year – if not three or four or maybe even five new rowers coming out every year to try out to being part of the crew.”

In addition, Malietoa wanted to express his wishes of good luck and blessings on behalf of the village of Aua – to the committee of this years Flag Day Fautasi Race, he stated “  the rules and regulations of the sport have already been laid out there for us, as it usually is every year. And the advice of the committee that is always being reminded to us every year, is that the turnout of the race is all in the hands of the skippers and captains’.

He continued “this is the same question every year – is the committee right, or is the captain and his auva’a right – because if something comes up, the committee will always argue that they’re right – at the same time, the villages aren’t letting down, as they too are emphasizing that the captain and their auva’a are right” referring to the results and decision making within the past years of Fautasi Racing in the territory”.

Malietoa’s advice was “ia lava pea le onosa’i – these are all phases and usual ways of the sport – e ese a tala e fai i uta, ia e ese fo’i mea e tutu i tai i gataifale i le mea o le a amata mai ai le tu’uga – but the advice to our committee from the village of Aua – ia lava pea le to’a ma le onosa’i i le Afioga i le ta’ita’i komiti ma e o le’a fa’afoea Faigamea i le Tai mo lenei tausaga”.

“Fa’afetai lava mo le tapenaga o afio’aga ta’itasi ae maise le tapenaga o le komiti aua le fa’amoemoe o Tutuila ma Manu’a i le tu’uga va’a o le sisiga fu’a o lenei tausaga”.

Malietoa added “our thoughts and blessings also goes out to all the other captains, their crews, as well as their villages who’ve been working hard in honoring this years Flag Raising Ceremony – ia sao ma uli le fa’amoemoe o Tutuila ma Manu’a, ia maua pea le malu o tai i lena vaiaso o muamua, aua le fa’amoemoe o le tatou faiga malo”.

In conclusion, Malietoa wanted to send out their thanks and acknowledgements on behalf of Uta’ifeau and the aumaga, he stated “e muamua ona ou fa’afetai i le matou nu’u – le afioaga i le Sausoali’i, afifio o matua ia Liufau ma Liufau, afifio foi o Ali’i o le Faleono, fetalaiga foi le Paopaoailua ma le Tufaga, ao le nofo i le Launiusaelua – our sincerest thanks and gratitude to the pastors, reverends, and bishops of our afioaga – o e o lo’o tausia lea fatafaitaulaga ma lea fatafaitaulaga”.

Malietoa concluded “e le gata i lea o le sapasapaia mai fo’i o si o matou nu’u. Not only here in Tutuila, but abroad as well – the sons and daughters of Aua who are praying and cheering for the Paepaeulupo’o from afar. We are still continuing to see the support from them off-island, on our Paepaeulupo’o II Facebook Fan Page that is actively ‘the’ source of communication that the auva’a and our aumaga are receiving thoughts of good luck and blessings from our families and village members around the world”.

“Ia lava mai pea le onosa’i, ia alo mai pea i ou faiva o le tapua’iga – e avatu fo’i le agaga fa’afetai tele i le Launiusaelua. Aua o lenei lava fa’amoemoe mo le matou nu’u, o lo’o tu’u mai lava i le Afioga i le Utaifeau ma le aumaga e latou te tapena le fa’amoemoe – o lea fo’i o iai nisi o matai o si o matou nu’u, matai o lo’o filofilova’a ai pea i tapenaga a le auva’a i le ao atoa ma le po. O lea e momoli atu ai lava si a matou fa’afetai fa’alelava, fa’afetai, fa’afetai tele lava”.

Malietoa concluded “last but certainly not the least, is my sincerest thank you to our committee members who have had our backs from day one of our preparations – Mulitalo Tony Hisatake, Toelafo Sonny Sauafea, Moeimalo Sierra Sappa, Isaia Ice Lirufau, Fred Burgess, as well as Salesi Talauega.”