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Samoan owned, Australian based company, announces launch of two "world firsts”

Reg and Carolyne Schwenke, Samoan owners of an Australian company offering two "world firsts".   [photo: courtesy]
Rukutai International Pty Ltd.,

Rukutai International Pty Ltd., a Queensland-based China product sourcing company owned by Samoans Carolyne and Reg Schwenke, has just announced two new “world firsts” on its new web site –

In an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s largest China-based product sourcing companies, Rukutai is now the world’s only company offering exclusive China business product sourcing group tours of motivated business owners, entrepreneurs and buyers – on individually-personalized, fully-escorted 10-day business excursions to Guangzhou, Yiwu, and Shanghai.

Even more significant, the two companies now offer the world’s first end-to-end client product sourcing to drop shipping services from China for all e-commerce and conventional businesses globally. Specifically, they will source, purchase, warehouse, pick, pack and send client’s China-made products to their customers worldwide from their huge warehouse facility in China.

Rukutai’s client target market are business owners looking to source and buy the lowest priced, highest quality factory or wholesale products from China, but don’t know who to trust or work with.

The main benefit for Rukutai clients is that its group sourcing concept and buying power represents tens of millions of dollars of potential purchasing volume to its China sourcing partner. That translates to maximum cost savings for Rukutai’s clients in a classic win-win relationship with its China sourcing partner, which has more than 300 dedicated product sourcing staff in different cities in China.

“We offer a one stop, full stop, seamless single solution services from China at cost savings they won’t find elsewhere else in the world,” according to the Rukutai co-founders, who are married business partners.

Rukutai’s exclusive worldwide travel supplier, Corporate Travellers Groups, is a member of the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) – one of the world’s largest travel agency groups.

Buyers and business owners from anywhere in the world can join any Rukutai China business group tour in Guangzhou at the start date of each tour. The 10-days, 9-nights all-inclusive group tour packages are for November, December and February.

 Based in Queensland, Australia, Rukutai has a distinguished China backstory. The married co-founders lived and operated their product sourcing, immigration and education services business from China for years before relocating to Australia in 2014.

In 2007, Rukutai was granted a coveted 20-year Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) China business license to conduct business in seven different sectors of commerce – International business, Education, Immigration, Travel, Technology, Financial Investments and Environmental Management.

“We’ve weathered the storms and challenges from years of living in and providing sourcing services from China - and look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge and expertise,” the company co-founders remarked.

“Our overriding goal is to show small-to-mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, cottage industry and boutique companies how to develop and elevate their businesses to new heights utilizing our extensive China networks and resources.”