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Young science fair competitor urges smokers to give up the “costly” habit

Vaiana Taufuiono Ma’o-Aab with her winning science project

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Vaiana Taufuiono Ma’o-Aab - a 2nd grader - and her older brother Russ have made it out of their school science fair competition.

This means they will be representing Siliaga Elementary School during the Annual Island-Wide Science Fair Competition to be hosted by the local Dept. of Education later this year. Her winning science project is entitled: “Stop Smoking”.

During her research, Vaiana found that at the current average price of $10 per pack of cigarettes, a smoker who goes through an average of 4 packs of smokes a week, spends $40 a week, $2,080 a year, and after 15 years, it amounts to $30,200 (much higher if the cost of cigarettes continues to increase) which Vaiana says is enough money to pay for trips to Samoa, Savaii, Hawaii, and Arizona ... and then some.