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Rep. Sanitoa to help with Special Ed room at NVTHS

Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa is stepping in to help out with what’s needed for repairs to several problem areas for the classroom and office serving Special Education students at Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School (NVTHS).

This follows an email request last month for assistance from Sanitoa to the Dept of Public Works for its DOE Maintenance Division to look at carrying out repairs and possibly replacing the current air condition unit.

Favela Isileli, SPED Specialist at NVTHS, in a Sept. 13th letter sought Sanitoa’s help in getting several issues addressed. “As a SPED specialist overseeing a staff of 5 with 11 special needs students, the unhealthy environment that my students and teachers face everyday is of paramount concern,” Isileli wrote. “This issue directly impacts the SPED students and the teachers with their performance as professionals in effective teaching, and students with effective learning.”

Isileli is “primarily concerned” with the lack of working AC units “because it creates a hot and unbearable environment for the special needs students. When all students and staff are housed within the little area designated, it provides a stuffy elbow to elbow type housing and it is most definitely not appropriate for the students.”

 She said there is also a lack of space designated for the staff and students. “Anyone else that is not “ACTIVELY” working with us to solve our situation is beyond my reach” and “my concerns have fallen on DEAF ears in which I will no longer depend on.”

Sanitoa provided to Public Works director, Faleosina Voigt details of Isileli’s letter along with a request for assistance. “Unfortunately, after my follow-up visit [last week], none of the requested repair work has been done,” Sanitoa wrote to Voigt. “The old air condition [sic] is still a problem as it leaks and blows warm air most of the time.”

Sanitoa then requested the DOE Maintenance Division to organize a list of materials and supplies to repair the holes in the classroom and office. “I will help out with what we need to fix the problems,” Sanitoa wrote to Voigt, “Further, I intend to make contact with some of the air condition vendors to ask if they can donate or perhaps give us a good deal on a new air condition.”