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Overstayer remanded into custody with no bail after domestic violence charge

TCF Territorial Correctional Facility sign

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — An overstayer, who made his initial appearance in District Court last week, has been remanded to custody on a 'no bail' status.

According to Immigration, the defendant's Immigration ID expired on March 19, 2018.

The defense attorney informed the court that the defendant's sponsor is off island. But the court noted that it's been four months since the defendant's ID expired and it appears that nothing is being done to renew his status. He then transferred the matter to the Family, Drug, and Alcohol (FDA) court where a pretrial conference is set for May 17th.

The man, 46, is charged with public peace disturbance and third degree assault (domestic violence). He has entered 'not guilty' pleas to both counts.

According to the government, police received calls for assistance from more than one person, regarding a dispute between the man and his wife in Faleniu village.

The couple's disagreement created a 'big scene' and essentially caused a disturbance in the neighborhood.

When police arrived, the defendant's wife was crying, but the defendant was nowhere to be found. According to the victim, her husband had started drinking after work and was already drunk when they rode the bus together to Faleniu.

While on the bus, the defendant allegedly started an argument with his wife, cussing her out and causing a commotion, which alerted passengers. The woman eventually left her seat and moved to the front of the bus to avoid her husband.

Police were told that when the couple stepped off the bus in Faleniu, the defendant slapped his wife in the face. The woman started walking home and the defendant kept shouting profanities at her, "pushing and shoving her."

At the house, the man allegedly hit and pushed his wife on the floor and then kicked her — with his boots on — on her left arm.

That's when the woman's father-in-law stepped in and stopped the defendant from hitting her again.

Once the defendant was aware that police had been contacted, he "walked out and took off from the house."

He was later found at home, where he was apprehended and taken into custody.