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Court Report


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — On April 16, 2024, at about 12:02p.m, a woman and her mother walked into the Tafuna Police Substation (TPS) to file a report against her brother and to seek assistance regarding the alleged threats by her brother — later identified as Tufue Silao — received at their home in Fagaima.

Silao was charged with one count of Private Peace Disturbance — a class C misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for up to fifteen (15) days, a fine of $300 but not less than $150, or both.

Bail for the defendant was set at $300.

The victim and reporter (sister of the suspect) stated that on Tuesday morning (April 14) at around 9:00a.m, she messaged her brother’s (suspect) friend Jericho if he would pick up her rental car at Jade’s Restaurant using his driver’s license because hers was expired.

The victim explained that she was not aware that the suspect (her brother) would be contacted by his friend and that they would go together to pick up the rental car. It was when the suspect, her brother, contacted her and told her that there were no rentals available that she realized he was with his friend.

The victim shared that when her brother got home, “he mentioned there was another rental and it was $140, so she questioned why he never mentioned that when they spoke over the phone.”

The suspect became angry and yelled profanities at the victim. The victim stated that their mother tried to stop the argument, but he threatened her and her mother.

As the suspect continued to yell profanities, he allegedly threatened both the victim and their mother saying, “You always spoil my sister, I’m going to cut you all in pieces with a machete.”

The second victim (suspect’s mother) provided her statement in which she said that “there were so many times the suspect disrespected them and showed bad behavior towards her and her husband.” She shared her concern for their safety as her son’s attitude and demeanor had changed ever since he had come back home from off-island.

The suspect’s mother gave police officers permission to enter her house to remove the suspect (her son) from their home. The suspect’s mother explained that he was in his room.

Police officers called out to the suspect who exited his room and identified himself as Tufue Silao. The officers explained the situation and arrested the suspect.

He was transported to the TPS for further investigation.

The defendant was Mirandized and confessed that he yelled profanities at his sister and also his mother because of their spoiling his older sister. The suspect denied allegations of threatening to cut his family into pieces with a machete.

The defendant was booked and confined at the Tafuna Correctional Facility (TCF) to await the next sitting in court.

The defendant was identified as a 24-year-old U.S. National.


On April 17, 2024, at about 12:00a.m, a male individual reported that an individual identified as Ioane Sakopo allegedly stoned his house in Puapua.

The defendant was charged with the following:

Count 1: Public Peace Disturbance — a class B misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for six (6) months, a fine of $500, or both; and,

Count 2: Property Damage in the Third Degree - a class B misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for up to six (6) months, a fine of $500, or both.

Bail for the defendant was set at $1000.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they met with the victim at his residence. The victim explained that at around 12:00a.m, the suspect came to his house looking for his girlfriend. The victim stated that the suspect stood outside and called for Sweetie (suspect’s girlfriend).

According to the affidavit, the victim “told him (suspect) to come in the house but he refused then started throwing the house with rocks.”

The suspect further yelled profanities, alarming neighbors in the area. It was revealed that he came back a second time with rocks and damaged the windows of the house.

The victim also stated that there were previous incidents in which the suspect was enraged and out of control due to the friendship between the victim and his girlfriend. The victim expressed that “both he and Sweetie were at the house when the suspect came over to look for her.”

Police officers could not locate the suspect at his home in Leone, however at around 10:22a.m, they observed the suspect near a store in Pavai’ia’i. The officers detained the suspect and transported him to the TPS for further investigation.

The suspect was Mirandized and refused to make a statement.

He was booked and confined at the TCF to await the next sitting of the District Court.

The defendant was identified as a 53 year-old citizen of Samoa.