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Contract set to fix “Mormon Lake”

[photo Tulaga Whitcomb]

The government has awarded a contract to a construction company for repair and improvements to the drainage for the area of the road in Ottoville, in front of the Mormon Church, that during rains creates a large pool of water— known as the “Mormon Lake.”

Public Works director Faleosina Voigt, during her Senate confirmation hearing last month revealed that they were working on getting this road area fixed and the bid had gone out with the contract to be awarded soon.

Voigt provided the latest update during a House Public Works Committee hearing yesterday chaired by Rep. Vui Florence Saulo.

And one of the items on the hearing’s agenda deals with the Mormon road “lake” issue, which has become a major complaint from lawmakers, the public and ASG officials over the years.

Voigt said the project had gone out for bid and the contract, which is for about 9 months, had been awarded to R.M Construction. She said the contract is now being walked through for signatures and the plan at this point is for the issuance of a Notice to Proceed later this month or early next month.

She said that once the notice is issued, the contractor would start the work. And this is good news for lawmakers, who were pleased with the update, as the “Mormon Lake” is known to be a hazard for motorists using this road.

It wasn’t immediately clear as to the total cost of the project and the funding source.

Also on yesterday’s hearing agenda, is the flooded road area around Samoa Baptist Academy and Voigt said there is not funding available for repair and improvement for this drainage system. Additionally, Public Works is also working on the “right of way” issue with landowners on the road area, which is also flooded during heavy rain, in the Happy Valley area of Tafuna.

At this point, she said the vacuum truck is dispatched to pump out water when these roads are flooded.