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ASCC touts community partnership involving the private sector and ASG entities

In this Samoa News file photo,  ASCC President Dr. Rosevonne Makaiwi-Pato after she delivered the keynote address for Manual Academy’s 8th grade graduation last week. (L-r) Pastor Lemmy Seumanu, Dr. Makaiwi-Pato, Donna Gurr -Vice Chairperson of the Manumalo Academy school board, and board member Tish Peau. [photo: Blue Chen-Fruean]

American Samoa Community College has been meeting with chief executives of the private sector on how the college can assist them, and one area identified so far is “leadership development” in which cabinet directors can help, says ASCC President Dr. Rosevonne Makaiwi Pato at last week’s cabinet meeting.

This was one of the three main issues Pato shared with cabinet directors at the meeting held at the Department of Agriculture conference room.


On community partnership involving the private sector and ASG entities, Pato says the “college is really looking into ways that we can meet the needs of the community,” and she has met with several private sector chief executive officers and other ASG agencies “to see what we could do in helping built capacity in training, in skill-building, in upgrading of skills as well as certification and apprenticeship and internship.”

She says ASCC has received many requests in these areas and encourage cabinet directors to talk with her “if you do have an area that you feel the college can help you on to build”.

“There are many agencies that are looking at upgrading of skills and certification. So that is an area that we’re trying to develop,” she explained and noted that another area that “many have requested, that we are looking into, and I believe many of you could be the conductors is ‘leadership development’.”

“And I will probably be reaching out to several of you to assist in our efforts in leadership certification,” she told cabinet directors.


Pato thanked Education director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga for her initiative in bringing the college and ASDOE together, saying that “we have a very strong partnership at this point and we are building our teacher education program, through partnership of DOE.”

She went on to explain registration time frame for teachers for the summer session and there were two-five week sessions, with the first session to start this week and the second session starting in June “and this is mainly for teachers. but we do have other courses that are being offered in the five weeks.”

Registration begins this week for everyone (who are not teachers) taking courses at ASCC summer session. She encourages cabinet directors to have students stop by ASCC so that “we can assist the community in building our skills.”

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga said during the cabinet meeting that one of the big challenges faced by American Samoa is the direct connection between educational institutions. And he commended Pato and Matagi-Tofiga for establishing this direct partnership between the two institutions in efforts to further improve education in the territory.

Lolo called on all directors to share with ASCC and ASDOE their thoughts and ideas to further improve the local education system.


Pato also officially confirmed that the ASCC Research Foundation will hold its first annual golf tournament on June 10th, saying that the golf tournament “is to help raise money for student scholarships, professional development and other areas that we are really in need of developing.”

She thanked directors who have so far donated and contributed to the tournament as well as agencies that have signed up teams. “We also have many sponsorships and we want to thank the community partnerships as well as our agencies and departments that have contributed,” she said. “I really believe its all about partnership, that’s the support that we are really in need of.”

For more information on the golf tournament contact ASCC at 699-9155. More information on student registration and other details on ASCC website: