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Cool Stuff: Catalyst Island Rugged

Photoof Catalyst

Honolulu, HAWAII — The Samoa News featured “Fear the Walking Bluesky” ads this week with iphone 11 Pro Zombie giveaway promotions. Whether you are Bluesky, or ASTCA connected, you will fear a heck of a lot less with a Catalyst Case on your iphone or Samsung.  

At only $39.99 for iphones, $31.99 for Samsung, the slimline Catalyst cases do most required to protect your $500- $1,200 investment. With rubberized sure grip and 9 foot + impact drop protection... Cool Stuff is a happy puppy. I spend an extra 5 cents for a Ziplock Baggie sandwich bag when I know I will be in torrential rain or near the beach.  

Now the “it” factor for you “Coolios” is that while plopping down for the movie “Take Home Pay” with your extra buttered super sized popcorn tub, and XL Coke Zero... all you do is rotate your Catalyst magic mute switch. If you don’t have this easy mute feature I guarantee your first in theater call will get you a wack from some grandma’s purse and the only thing you will remember hearing is “Soia le pisa!  No disrespect Tofiga... he’s my family.”

At $89 you can get a fully enclosed Catalyst case that will keep your precious smart phone waterproof, dust proof, and more bounce off the Aiga Bus proof.

Catalyst features their cases from iphone 5s all the way to 11s, air pods and ipads.  Samsung offerings include the 9 and 10 series. Cool Stuff is awaiting Catalyst’s waterproof backpack... an absolute need with the onslaught of our season rain.

Check all your options out at