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Tribute to the late Aumoeualogo Te’o J. Fuavai

Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the late Aumoeualogo Te’o J. Fuavai.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — “When I heard the news of the passing of Aumoeualogo Te’o J. Fuavai, it brought a flood of thoughts and memories,” said Congresswoman Aumua in a statement. “He was like a son to Governor Coleman, and always reminded me that a highlight in his life was when Gov. Coleman signed his high school diploma in 1959. He in turn was fatherly to me, and when Gov. Coleman passed, he brought a local police contingent from here to Honolulu as an honor guard for his casket. These are dear memories.

“He was honest, strong, approachable, caring and a credit to American Samoa in every way. He was an influential and charismatic leader who spoke to all generations, but especially a way of influencing young people for good. A man of faith, he served our islands in countless ways, both public and private.

“He will be missed, and so many of us are sending thoughts, condolences and prayers to his family and all who knew him, loved him, and honored him.”