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Tafeta man arrested and charged after cops find a pipe with meth in his pocket

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man accused of disturbing the public peace at his residence in Tafeta — being loud and throwing empty beer bottles at his neighbor’s yard — is now facing multiple charges, including meth possession.

Manly Hosea, 25, made his initial appearance in court this week. He’s charged with unlawful possession of methamphetamine, a felony; and three misdemeanors: trespass, third degree assault, and PPD.

Bail is set at $5,000 and the preliminary hearing is next Thursday, Oct. 31st.


On the night of Oct. 26th, a man from Tafeta called police, reporting that his neighbor was drinking and making loud noises.

When cops arrived, they spoke to the suspect and advised him to keep the noise down, in consideration of the elderly folks who live nearby. The suspect said he would, and the cops left. An hour later, the same caller contacted police again, saying they can’t sleep because the suspect and his friends were loud and yelling profanities at him and his family.

Upon arrival at the scene, the caller met with the cops and told them that when the police unit drove away from the suspect’s house following the initial visit that night, the suspect threw an empty beer bottle towards the window of his room while he was trying to sleep, and as a result, some louvers were shattered to pieces.

When police approached the suspect, he yelled out to the caller, telling his he had no right to call authorities. He also said he is drinking on his land and nobody can tell him what to do.

Officers tried to calm the suspect down, but he continued to be loud and make threatening remarks to the caller. He also pulled his hands away from police when they were trying to escort him out of the house. The suspect continued walking towards the caller’s home, challenging him to a fist fight.

That’s when cops placed him under arrest.

During a standard body search, police felt a hard object in the suspect’s pants pocket. When asked what it was, the suspect responded, “O le paipa e ula ai le aisa” (It’s a pipe used to smoke meth). The glass pipe contained a white crystalline substance that later tested positive for meth.