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Supreme Court declines to take up birthright citizenship case

U.S. Supreme Court building

Washington, D.C. — National media is reporting the latest U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declines to take up the Amerian Samoa birthright citizenship case.

The court’s decision to stay out of the matter comes as a disappointment to many who wanted the justices to take the case and overturn a series of opinions from a century ago — the so-called Insular Cases — that have been widely discredited as racist remnants of a colonial past targeting residents of the territories. All the territories supported the move  for the highest court to take up the matter — except for American Samoa.

ASG as well as Congresswoman  Uifa’atali Amata believed the Supreme Court should not take up the case because “establishing birthright citizenship by judicial fiat could have unintended and potentially harmful impact upon American Samoa society.”

Details with local views on the decision in tomorrow's issue.