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42% of eligible American Samoa residents are now vaccinated

Department of Health's Aifili Dr John Tufa
Among the top in the U.S. per capita, Dr. Tufa says
Source: RNZ Pacific

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Close to 24,000 COVID-19 vaccination shots have been administered to date in the territory.

This is about 42 percent of the eligible population according to the Department of Health's Aifili Dr John Tufa.

The latest vaccination site, which opened Monday at the Lee Auditorium, administered about 500 shots on the first day.

Waiting time for getting to the vaccination has been reduced from 3 minutes on the first day, to 2 minutes according to Dr Tufa who timed the process.

This does not include the injection time and the 15 minutes to monitor the person for any adverse reaction.

Dr Tufa said American Samoa's coverage is now one of the top among US states and territories.

"Now if we look at that number of individuals who have had at least one shot, compare it to the population estimated for 2020, of the eligible population, 16 years and older, we are now sitting at about 42 percent of the eligible population, who have had at least one shot.

"So, I think throughout the nation, we are leading in those numbers when we look at per capita," he said.

On March 13, a drive through vaccination site will be opened at the airport parking lot from 7:30 am to noon.

Dr Francine Amoa urges families with elderly or immobile residents to use this site to get their family members vaccinated.