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Cool Stuff: ESEE, The Real Deal when it comes to knives

ESEE knives are a no compromise work knife, and are the go-to disaster tool, be it Hurricane Harvey, Samoa Tsunami, or a necessary home or vehicle escape scenario.  Front to back USA manufactured ESEE 5, ESEE 6, ESEE 4, Laser Strike; right side Junglas.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

The hearts and prayers of Samoa are with those suffering from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  

For Cool Stuff, it's personal as fellow former UCLA Football teammates Gene Settles, David Boze and Russell Charles are currently in harm's way. They report: "So far so good."

The most important tool in a serious disaster is the best knife you can afford strapped to your hip (not in your backpack as you may be separated).  ESEE knives’ entire line is the absolute toughest and is fortunately affordable.

While Mrs. Cool Stuff has that Samoan mindset, that any knife is a knife (and sadly a daily can opener too) — your dearest bestest rascal, Cool Stuff, chooses the proper ESEE for each specific situation.

When Cool Stuff goes into disasters for CNN/Samoa News/Honolulu Star Advertiser I usually fly in a US Coast Guard C-130. C-130's are seriously noisy, kinda slow, aging, but historically safe & dependable, yet Cool Stuff will still strap on an ESEE 5 ($120-$159) for military flights. 

Designed to serve as an ASEK (Aircrew Survival Egress Knife), the 5 1/4" long, 1/4" thick, Micarta gripped, Kydex sheathed ESEE 5 will allow you to cut the skin of an aircraft with the combo serrated blade and use the pummel to remove glass and other obstacles to evacuate.

Randall Adventure Training's (ESEE's training entity) Mike Perrin guided me well in this crucial acquisition.

Remember, if you only have one tool; the ESEE 5 cuts, pries, digs, designed to accommodate a bow fire starter and will help you cut your roof open if you are stuck in your attic/ home and need to escape rising waters to safety on your roof.  

 ESEE co-founder Jeff Randal greatly influenced my selection of the ESEE 6 for our island rainforests. It’s just long enough to be a pseudo machete, but not too long so you can still do rough bush-craft, shelter building, firewood gathering. The $149 ESEE 6 5.75" long, .188" is my MVP All American ground tool of choice.

Cool Stuff cherishes his ESEE 4 for purse seiner/cannery/fishing because Cool Stuff's dad personally wrapped it with tuna line. Comfortably smaller on the hip, ESEE's Rowen Manufacturing's tenacious quality control assures the ESEE 4's 1095 Carbon steel is just as tough as its older brothers ESEE 5, 6, & Junglas (which is always strapped to my emergency go bag).

Until Hurricane Harvey, this column was to be dedicated to the wonderful outdoor $147 ESEE Laser Strike (4.5" long, .188" thick, storage in handle, w/fire tinder & ferrocerium fire starter rod) and its bush-craft cousin the Camp Lore PR-4, this November's exciting debut of Patrick Rollins' Kephart refresh design with textured grips.  

Bottom line. Every ESEE knife reflects the resilient Randall Adventure Training instructors Jeff Randall, Mike Perrin and Patrick Rollins. Every ESEE knife will never let you down, and they will all potentially save your life.

Prepare now Samoa. Hurricane Harvey is not a lesson for us, it is merely a reminder.