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Cool Stuff: CRKT Homefront — a pocketknife for us working guys

CRKT’s remarkable Homefront “Field Strip” technology created by Hawaii based designer Ken Onion, may be your Dad’s future hand me down legacy knife, cherished by generations of your family.  [photo: Barry Markowitz]

A pocketknife, for us working guys, is merely an extension of our hands. We use our knives as a tool cutting wire, for notching wood, opening silly plastic encased electronics, and even slicing our talo or fresh Amy’s Bakery bread on the job site.

Pocketknives are a magnet for lint & crud in every joint, and corner. Just flip a lever in front and roll open a dial in the back...voila...your Homefront blade and grip open up for easy breezy hygienic cleansing.

The Homefront ($150) has a 3 1/2” blade and weighs approximately 4.8 oz. Homefront’s EDC, Hunter & Tactical versions ($99) have glass filled nylon handles, weighing a tad bit less at 4.3 oz.

For travelers, for our proud active duty military relatives, and American Samoa’s territorial firefighters urgently dispatched to the US mainland, for a Hurricane Maria Puerto Rican survivor ...any version of the Homefront would be a valued, possibly life saving asset.


Ask an old guy to set his pocketknife on the table. Ask him to share three stories associated with that cherished keepsake. Guaranteed you will be spellbound.