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Tafuna High School to host 2014 American Samoa JROTC Drill Competition

Tafuna High School JROTC will host the 2014 Annual JROTC Drill Meet on Saturday, May 10, at Tafuna High School gymnasium. Cadets from five high schools are competing in the event, including Tafuna, Leone, Samoana, Kanana Fou, and Faga’itua.


The five High Schools participating will be sending their finest teams to compete in this unparalleled weekend of military excellence. The Drill Competition is annually spectacular and unlike any other military drill event you will ever attend.


According to Sergeant Major Veavea, the Senior Army Instructor at Tafuna High School, approximately 150 cadets will compete in Inspection, Armed Regulation, Color Guard, and Armed Exhibition Drills.


In Armed Exhibition drills, teams create their own routines which involve performing intricate, coordinated movements in unison and the manipulation of rifles. According to the Sergeant Major, the other events in the drill competition involve precision and regulated movements, and the Exhibition Drills are expected to incorporate a “Wow” factor.


The Inspection, involves a standard military inspection of the overall appearance and bearing of the cadets. During the Inspection, judges also question cadets on their knowledge of military history and military ranks.


In the Color Guard Drill, a four-member team with two flags and two rifles must respond to a fixed list of commands used in drill and military ceremonies from their cadet commander. They formally uncase both the American and American Samoa flags and then complete the drill.


The Color Guards are well-known and well-respected throughout their community, the local schools, and beyond for their performance at many events, especially those involving patriotic holidays and observances.


In the Regulation drills, teams follow verbal commands which are identical for each team, carrying ten pound rifles in the armed drills.


Judges have checklists of what to look for, basing their grading on military drill manuals. In some events commands are verbal; in others, the signals are sometimes just coordinated footfalls. Regulation drills and Color Guard feature precise commands and movements; Exhibition drills can be more freestyle.


This year’s judges are Army instructors and recruiters.