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Polamalu Foundation to hold football camp during summer

Two years ago, the Troy and Theodora Foundation ( held a football camp here in the territory for local football players, teaching them the proper fundamentals of the game.


This year, the foundation will hold both a football and volleyball camp for local High School athletes, with the Department of Education (DOE) taking the lead in coordinating the Polamalu Camps, according to DOE Athletic Program Director Tumua Matu’u who will be coordinating the volleyball camp for the foundation while the president of the All-Poly Sports Organization Alema Te’o, will be the football camp coordinator.


Ben Pourrabbani, the foundations representative will be the lead coordinator for Team Polamalu's visit.


According to Matu’u, registration will be accepted by teams only from within the ASHSAA sports, through their coaches. Matu’u will work closely with the American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) volleyball and football coaches from each ASHSAA member school to attain and confirm their rosters.


“Individuals listed on each team roster will be allowed to participate. Coaches or an adult is expected to accompany his/her team on each camp day. The camps are free for all participants,” said Matu’u.


“We will begin with volleyball and football combined on the first day of camp prior to developing into skills development,” she said. She also went on to say that the Polamalu Foundation is expected to bring in more coaches than the last time they were here in 2011. A few high profile athletes are also expected to attend this year’s camp.


There will also be a Samoan Dance Competition for high schools that have already registered to compete, with prizes ranging from $5,000 for 1st place, to $300 for 6th place. According to Matu’u, the money won, will not be paid directly to the schools, but the foundation will be paying educational expenses of the schools up to the amount of the prizes won. The High schools that are registered to compete are, Faga’itua, Samoana, Nu’uuli Voc-Tech, Tafuna, Kanana Fou and Leone.