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Tafuna Warrior graduate promoted to Staff Sergeant in U.S Marine Corps

SSGT Taumotoi is pictured here with his wife Ejay Schuster, and son, Giannis Benjamin Taumotoi

St. Lewis, MO — Benjamin Taumotoi was promoted to SSGT in a ceremony at St Peter’s, Missouri. He is  local recruiter under RS. St Louis and a member of the Tafuna High School graduating Class of 2012.

The only son of Penani Taumotoi and Aipunou Taumotoi from the village of Vaitogi, he has  3 sisters, Grace, Oliana & Jireh Taumotoi.

SSGT Taumotoi is married to Ejay Schuster, and has one son, Giannis Benjamin Taumotoi. They are currently residing in St Louis, Missouri.

Congratulations from his whole family.