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ORCHID continues to save lives in Samoa

It was only two months ago since the volunteer charitable organisation called, ORCHID (Operating Rooms Call 4 Help In Development) visited Samoa during 3rd-8th December 2012 conducting Laparoscopic Surgery. The volunteer group of medical staff based in Brisbane Australia is led by Chairperson and co-founder, Sala’ilua Kitiona Naseri Cotter. She is a Samoan and a registered Nurse in Operating Theatre.Also on the team is Vascular Surgeon, Dr John Bingley.The team conducted general vascular surgery on Samoan patients that have been referred by the Samoan medical doctors at the National Kidney Foundation. Surgery on these patients were performed at TTM Hospital, saving time and costs to the patients and the NKF in general. Dr John Bingley is regarded as one of the most respected Vascular surgeons within the Australian medical industry, an excellent mentor and role model to work with.A hectic work schedule couldn’t keep him from volunteering his work here. This is his fifth trip over since this volunteer group of specialists started.