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Earlier this month, stipends of $500 each were presented to cancer patients and/or their family members.


Recipients included Yung Chang Kim (patient) and his daughter Sinafoa; Ituala Sio who was represented by her sister Cleopatra Sio and her two daughters; Lunetta Luamata, represented by her sister Cameo Lavata'i; Tolufale Sheck represented by her son Reupena; and Marieta Kelemete and her father.


According to Luana Scanlan of the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition, each recipient was presented a one-time stipend of $500 to use as he/ she sees fit.


The stipends were funded by the Neil’s ACE Home Center Angels donation of $16,527 made out to the ASCCC.


The ACE Angel fundraiser is held annually and during that time, the Neil’s ACE Home Center family matches every dollar donated by their customers. December 2015 was the most successful fundraiser in seven years.


"On behalf of the patients, we thank ACE — the Neil Scratch family, their staff, and customers who donated," said Scanlan. "Compared to the cost of cancer treatment, $500 is not a lot of money; however, to these patients, the financial assistance — where they have no other options — is a significant amount, and the fact that all of those donors CARE let's them know that they are not alone in their fight against cancer.