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Was there a RFP issued for the new container restaurant at EOB?

ASG Executive Office Building

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A  new restaurant — set up only a few feet away from the Executive Office Building (EOB) in Utulei — is the newest topic of discussion around the island.

Le Fonuea is operated by Asians but owned by Siakisone Liu and his wife Eseneiaso Liu, current director of the Dept. of Human Resources.

The establishment — which offers takeout options and an outside seating area — officially opened its doors last week.

Many business owners have contacted Samoa News, wanting to know if there was ever a request for proposal, and whether the correct — and legal — steps were taken to allow a restaurant to operate on government property.

Some people have even pointed to the rat infestation problem at the EOB and claim that a nearby restaurant — with all the trash and waste — will continue to attract bugs and rodents that will eventually make their home in the EOB.

One business owner said, "If I had known this particular space could be used to operate a restaurant, I would've opened one here a long time ago."