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Teachers from World Teach Program arrive on island

[photo: Leua Aiono Frost]

The 28 young teachers from the World Teach Program are really enjoying American Samoa's cool and sunny climate this time of year. Yesterday morning, Samoa News caught up with them as they were preparing to take a hike up Vatia National Park.

The group met briefly yesterday morning for a pep talk and they are preparing to enter the classrooms at various public elementary and high schools throughout the territory when the new school year starts in less than two weeks.

Shivan Wolt, their field director, led them during a short session to refresh their mindset on the call they have answered to become teachers.

"What makes a good teacher? Explain in your own words!" Wolt said.

Each one of the teachers was given a brief moment of silence to think hard about the topic and come up with an answer.

"A good teacher is a person who motivates, inspires, understands, and is a great advisor." This was the collective response from the group members.

"Encouraging the less fortunate in different academic levels to be better, and practicing patience and love," was also part of the general response.

Twenty-five of the teachers are recruits from the US while three are international teachers - from France, Canada, and India.

They are: Aubriahn Baez, Emily Bertram, Nicholas Capicotto, Elena Cortes, Sarah Dec, Jayna Diedrick, Liam Doherty, Jeffrey Fetters, Kacie Fujino, Taylor Garrenton, Eilleen Hummer, Taylor Kamansky, Robert McCourt, Racheal Moore, Amanda Morrobel, Courtney Rainwater, Alisha Richardson, Justin Richardson, Alexandra Rubin, Alison Sagliocca, Amanda Tarantino, Anna Very, Kendra Wernle, Vang Xiong, Miranda Tonken, Aditi Krishnan, and Claire Launay.

To qualify as an educator with the World Teach Program, individuals must have a bachelor's degree and they must have passed the Praxis Test.

The majority of the group members pictured are mathematics and science degree holders.

How the teachers will be disbursed, as far as what schools they will be serving, is not yet finalized.

According to Wolt, 8 teachers will be working at Samoana High School and two will be heading to Fitiuta Elementary School in Manu'a. The remaining teachers will be serving other local schools including Tafuna HS, Nuuuli VocTech, and Leone HS, as well as Lupelele and Pavaiai Elementary Schools.