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SSY Facebook group meets

Master Chef Kenneth Kuala and his beautiful assistant and wife, Luisa, demonstrate for members of the Facebook weight-loss group SSY-Slimmer Stronger You, how to cook and make sauces and salad dressings using healthy, locally grown ingredients. The demonstration was part of the first ever SSY Meet & Greet event that took place December 8 at the VA Center in Tafuna.

Members of the SSY (Slimmer Stronger You) Facebook Group pose for a photo after a successful meet and greet event Dec. 8 at the VA Center in Tafuna.

The event saw more than 100 members come together to meet, share stories on their weight loss journey in order to motivate and inspire each other on their individual journeys to become slimmer and stronger. Door prizes, a raffle and a beautiful spread of healthy carb-free food were enjoyed by all.

In an emotional testimony, SSY group founder William Spitzenberg, fondly called Coach Will by the group, testified on how his health problems and fear of being dependent on pharmaceutical drugs led him down this path to a slimmer, stronger body. After seeing the changes in himself, and with the help of his number one supporter and wife, Sisi Loi-On Spitzenberg, he decided to create the Facebook group and invite people who wanted to make a change to join and work as a group towards a healthy body.

 Coach Will said the aim now is to help bring American Samoa’s obesity rate down from 95% as reported by the media, down to 55% in a year’s time.

In an interview with the Samoa News in October this year Coach Will said, “The SSY program will work for anyone no matter their age, body type, gender, or past experience with weight loss. There is no need for magic pills, super juices or expensive supplements in the SSY program. All you need is a desire to change and a determination to take action. Action takers rule the world. I will guarantee any skeptic out there that if they give this program a try even for just one day, they will see amazing results. SSY is at a 100% success rate so far.

"I always recommend you check with your doctor before trying any new program and this is no different. However, I am quite certain your doctor will give this program two thumbs up," he said. “The Facebook group now has more than a thousand members who interact with each other posting daily meals, accountability reports, health and food advice and “falling off the wagon” and getting back on stories that help motivate each other.”

Those interested in joining the SSY movement can join the group on Facebook at or email <>