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Reef monitoring survey provides valuable information about our reefs

left to right is Ken Taimalie, Fale Tuilagi, Ailua Tauala, Sean Felise and Warren Sevaaetasi.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — For the past month the Key Reef Species Program Division and Community Based Fisheries Management Program has been conducting Reef Flat Monitoring Surveys around the coastal villages of our island, Tutuila. Some of the villages that have been surveyed are Faga'alu, Auto, Alofau, Fagaitua, Aoa and Sailele.

The research survey involves recording fish species and sizes and taking photos of the reef along a belt transect. The photos are inputted into a Windows-based software that provides us a summary of coral cover and area analysis of reef benthic (bottom of the sea floor or reef) features.

The reef monitoring program surveys provide essential information regarding trends and changes for our reefs. In addition, it will provide valuable information in assisting with management decisions for our coral reefs.