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COURT REPORT: Police officer released on his own recognizance

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A police officer has been charged with disturbing the public peace (PPD) after he allegedly shouted threats and the Samoan War Cry (faaumuumu) at the Bowling Alley two months ago.

Patrick Tuvale made his initial appearance in court last month where he was scheduled to appear again in court last Thursday for his pretrial conference.

The government claims that on Mar. 01, 2020, a security guard at the Bowling Alley in Tafuna called police to report individuals fighting in the Bowling Alley parking lot. Several police officers responded to the call and met up with the security guard, who reported that Tuvale was shouting threats and doing the Samoan War Cry (fa’aumuumu).

Tuvale and his companions were reported to have approached individuals from the iliili/Vaitogi area and a fight was close to breaking out. Security guards tried to break up the arguments and only Tuvale did not cooperate, but continued to shout threats and statements such as “the East side can take on the West side” and “this is not over because I will find you all.”

Security guards could not stop the commotion because Tuvale continued to call out to the other group to come back next week “so they can finish this”. According to the security, this went on for about an hour.

Tuvale was released on his own recognizance waiting his next hearing next month.


A young man convicted of another crime while still on probation was ordered to serve his period of detention that had been suspended by the court in the beginning of this year, which is 28 days at the Territorial Correctional Facility (TCF).

George Urle appeared before Judge Elvis P. Patea last week for two separate hearings — a pretrial conference for his new case and disposition hearing for his previous case.

Court records show that while Urle was on 6 months probation from a PPD conviction at the beginning of the year, he was arrested by police in March of this year for another criminal case, where he was charged with trespass and 3rd-degree property damage.

When Urle’s case was called, his defense attorney, Bob Stuart informed the court that they had reached an agreement with the government on his new case.

According to terms of the plea agreement, Urle would pled guilty to 3rd degree property damage and both parties recommended probation with the condition that Urle pay restitution in the amount of $450 for damaging the victim’s property.

Furthermore, both parties also recommended to the court not to revoke Urle’s probation, but instead to modify it.

Facts of the case show that around March of this year, Urle went to the victim’s home uninvited and damaged his property including a weed-eater; the door to the house and screen-wire on 3 windows, which cost $450.

In delivering his decision, Patea reminded Urle that when he appeared in court for sentencing with his previous matter, the court suspended his period of detention of 28 days. The court then revoked his probation and ordered him to serve the 28 days at the TCF.

In the new matter, the court sentenced him to 6 months probation under the conditions that he pay restitution in the amount of $450 and that he serve 45 days at the TCF. He was credited for the two months he served at TCF while awaiting the outcome of his case.

Since Urle had served more time than the period of detention the court ordered him to serve, he was released from custody after sentencing.

Patea reminded Urle the court wants to see that he has paid half of his restitution when he appears in court on July 21st for a probation review hearing.