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‘Commitment to Selfless Service’

[photo: Fili Sagapolutele]

A look at part of a large crowd representing both the government and private sector before the start Friday morning of the 5th annual Workforce Appreciation Day at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Early this week, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga declared next Monday, Sept. 4, as the Labor Day holiday in the territory, saying that this is a “day of celebration of the contributions of American Samoa’s working men a women, past, present and future, to the betterment of our society and the fulfillment of our lives.”

“Historically,” said the governor in his Labor Day proclamation, “we in American Samoa have not properly celebrated the contributions to our society, to our way of living, and to our successful transition over the last 50 years from a largely subsistence based economy to an industrial and service sector based economy, by a workforce of skilled and unskilled, blue and white collar, men and women, all of whom, collaboratively, have made us what we are today.”

Therefore he said it’s appropriate that American Samoa “pay tribute to the creators of so much of American Samoa’s strength, freedom, and leadership—our working men and women.”

Lolo also invited and encouraged federal, territorial, private sector and subsistence economy workforce to participate in this year’s ‘‘Workforce Appreciation Day”.

Since the Lolo Administration took office in January 2013, the governor set this special event to honor American Samoa’s workforce, including farmers and fishermen.  This year’s theme, is ‘Commitment to selfless service’.