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The Home of the Stallions bid farewell to 52 senior Stallions last Friday morning at the Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano o Amerika Samoa “Ua Taunu’u Chapel” in Kanana Fou, with focus on their Commencement Ceremony theme, “O le mata’u i le Atua o le amataga lea o le poto.” Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and First Lady Cynthia Moliga were special the special guests at the ceremony, with the governor addressing the graduates as keynote speaker.


Governor Lolo sent out his message loud and clear to the 52 graduates of Kanana Fou High School pertaining to their theme, and how life will be in the real world after graduating from their second stage of the learning process in education.


“In your program you have your theme, “O le mata’u i le Atua o le amataga lea o le poto”. If you truly believe your graduation theme to be true, then your future is secured. Which of you guys will set a goal for a better future of our country, to better the territory of American Samoa? Life in the public school educational system might be failing to restore Christian values, which are still in development of the system of core values.


Governor Moliga encouraged the graduates to become challengers of their expectations, “I encourage you today to become bigger than the lanterns, to reverse the alarming legacy of youth plans which will help your future and help you meet the promises that God has in store for you. For example teen pregnancy is something you usually rush in to, more people are experimenting with drugs, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc.”


He added, “believe in God because he has a plan for you, and I believe that you will make the right choice. Take time to heed knowledge from your parents, and show your appreciation to others, who have helped you get to where you are today. As you move on to facing new challenges in your lives, I urge you to never forget who you are, and where you come from, and continue to lead and be proud of your culture. Be proud of your parents, your family, your school, your village your church and your country, and never forget your theme today, “O le mata’u i le Atua o le amataga lea o le poto”, congratulations and God Bless.”


(Samoa News should point out that we used the general acceptable translation of the Kanana Fou theme to English as “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”; but notes that in the Co-Valedictorian speech by Willie Viliamu Jr. his translation is “Walk in the Path of God with the token of Wisdom”. While we have chosen to use the generally accepted translation, Samoa News does not gainsay Vilamu Jr.’s translation.)


At the conclusion of the Governor’s speech, Kanana Fou Vice Principal Mali’oli’o Ailima announced the students who were recognized as the Valedictorians for this year’s 2013 graduating class.


Graduating with an SAT score of 1010 and is a JSA recipient, with scholarships to attend the University of Hawaii — Manoa, UH Hilo, and Stanford, was Co-Valedictorian Jeremiah Fale. He also received the Congressional Valedictorian Award.


Scoring a 930 in his SATs, Co-Valedictorian Willie Viliamu Jr., has been accepted to Remington College with a $1,000 scholarship award from Image America Foundation. He also received the Congressional Valedictorian Award.


Recognized as the Kanana Fou High School’s Class of 2013 Salutatorian was Bruce Scanlan who scored 1,630 in his SATs. He was accepted to the University of Hawaii Manoa, and UH Hilo. Scanlan was also an All Star player for the Under 19 Amerika Samoa Football Team that represented American Samoa in the Under 19 Football Championships held in Texas of last year. Scanlan was named Player of the Game in the Amerika Samoa vs Panama game.


Taking this year’s McDonald’s American Samoa Scholarship Award was National Honor Society student William Leo, who scored an SAT score of 1,160.


A student athlete, who was also a member of the American Samoa All Star Team, has been awarded a full ride football scholarship to Washington State University. It is the 6’3” Emmitwally Su’a-Kalio, who scored an SAT score of 790.


The Kanana Fou High School’s Class of 2013 was presented by Deputy Director of the AS Department of Education’s Fa’auifono Vaitautolu, who confirmed and accepted all 52 Stallions graduates.




It is an honor and privilege to stand before you all today. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my fellow graduates. I promise this will be short and sweet. 


God is good…All the time!! I would like to ask my fellow graduates to join me in giving thanks to the One who deserves all the glory today. HE who is greater than I. Lord, thank you for your faithfulness to us each and every day. We pray for your continued blessings upon all of us here today, especially the graduates as we embark on the journey of our futures.


On behalf of the graduating class of 2013 of Kanana Fou High School, I would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt thank yous to all of our families, especially our parents. Can I please have my parents, Tauvela Fale & Fialuma Fale stand to be recognized? Thank you.


On that note, I would also like to acknowledge my spiritual family of CCCAS of Petesa Uta.  Can I please have my spiritual parents, Rev. Tusi Seanoa & Afutoto Seanoa stand to be recognized? Thank you.


Thank you all for the love and support you have shown through the years. Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. Your sacrifices have afforded us the education and the opportunities that have shaped our academic and spiritual lives thus far. Mere words cannot begin to express our deepest gratitude for all that you do. We do not have silver or gold to repay you for your kindness. But, DO KNOW, that it is the prayer of our hearts that the Almighty Creator blesses you all ten-fold.


To all of our teachers and the entire staff of Kanana Fou High School, we take our hats off to you for a job well done! You have all been a big part of our lives for the past four years. Truth is, you’ve all become second parents to us all. Your dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance have helped get us to where we are today. We pray that God continues to bless you with the knowledge and tools to continue the work you do for generations to come.


To the class of 2013, especially to a very special group of six… Falanika, Pule, Toto’a, Sandra, Lentus, and Taumafai… I want to leave you with the words of the song, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. 


There’s always going to be another mountain,


I’m always going to want to make it move


Always going to be an uphill battle


Sometimes I’m going to have to lose


Ain’t about how fast I get there


Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side


It’s the climb


Make every step from now on… COUNT!!!  Put God first in everything you do and all else will fall into place. Proverbs 3: 5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your hearts, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”


Soifua ma ia manuia.




Greetings and Talofa, you honor us with your presence here at this year’s commencement exercise, the year 2013. First and foremost, I, a representative of the class of 2013, would like to honor and acknowledge some of the important people in today’s ceremony.


“E momoli atu le fa’afetai i le fa’afeagaiga taulagi, o si o’u nu’u pele o Masefau, i lau susuga Iosefa Fiso ma lou faletua, lau susuga Joseph Ale ma lou faletua, lau susuga Aselu Fiso ma lou faletua, ae maise foi le susuga i le a’oa’o ia Mu Gaoa ma lou faletua, fa’afetai, fa’afetai tele lava ia outou le tausagi, fautuaga ma tima’iga, ua manuia ai le taumafaiga a le atali’i nei.”


E fa’apitoa o la’u fa’afetai o o’u matua fa’aleagaga, fa’afetai tele lava mo mea lelei uma na oulua faia mo a’u, aemaise ai a oulua talosaga i le ao ma le po, lenei ua manuia ai la’u taumafaiga, aemaise ai fo’i tima’iga matagofie, lenei ua ou pale ai, fa’afetai fa’afetai tele lava. Ou te fa’afetai atu fo’i i le tuagane o si o’u tina, lau afioga Fa’amausili Mau Mau Jr., ma lau susuga i le faipule ia Ioapo Tago, ona o le lua fesoasoani mai i nai o’u matua, e tusa ai ma la’u aoga.


Ae ou te fa’afetai fa’apitoa atu i o’u matua, fa’afetai tele lava mo mea uma sa oulua faia mo a’u, e le faigofie la oulua galuega, fa’afetai tele lava.


I would like to take this time to thank the principal and staff of Kanana Fou. Thank you for the knowledge that you have gotten to share with us, throughout our four years of an enjoyable journey here at Kanana Fou High School, fa’afetai fa’afetai tele lava. To the parents of the class of 2013 of Kanana Fou High School, Home of the Stallions, thank you for your never ending support.


Last but not the least, my fellow graduates, our theme is, “Walk in the Path of God with the token of Wisdom”. My fellow graduates, whatever path you choose, let it be with the foundation that we were brought up with. Have faith in the Lord, obedient to our parents, and heed the words of wisdom, ia soifua ma ia manuia.”




Jeremiah Sala Fale ++***

Willie Viliamu Jr. ++***

Bruce Douglas Irving Scanlan +***

Abraham Siatu’u

Alieta Tofa *

Andrea Seuga Faikoia *

Artesia Ve’e

Anetisa Migi ***

Anevili Iosua

David P.S. Haunga

Emmittwally Su’a-Kalio *

Falanika Christina Timoteo ***

Faleatua Iopu

Feagaimaali’i Filoiali’i

Fiapa’ipa’i Toliutafa Filoiali’i **

Hatesa Tufanua Ale *

Issac Sailimalo Faiivae

Jesse Manase

Johnino J. Supapo

Judy P. Bernard

Kristy Iramk *

Laupepa S. Papali’i Jr. *

Lentus Seanoa Jr. **

Lila Ruta Mauigoa *

Matuaonu’ulelei Lauofo

Maualuga P. Mata’utia

Max Keki Ariel Itula

Michael James Vavegamaileali’i Curry *

Miracle Vivi’i Tunoa

Moelili’a Tolo *

Natasha I. To’atelegese *

Niue P. Mata’utia

Pago Pago Elsie Tauveve-Te’o

Peter Petersen

Pule Iupeli Taimane Salanoa ***

Quinnmere Pulemau Meaalofa Fuimaono *

Raphael Tuilagi

Ryan Tala Vagana

Samuelu Papali’i Jr.

Sandra T. Elisara **

Shane Siamu *

Shonnah-Lei Tuamoheloa ***

Sosene Faiai

Susana Nautu Lin

Talosaga Patea ***

Ta’atu Milton Su’a

Taumafai Patea *

Tesimale Seve *

Timuialemalagailealaivatia Easter Logovi’i

Tofamamao T. Tuimalatu *

Toto’a Leute Fuiono Faumuina *

William Jeronino Leo ***


Valedictorian  ++***

Salutatorian  +***

National Honor Society ***

High Honor Students **

Honor Students *