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COOL STUFF: Robo Cutie could be on the way to a table near you

robot serving beverages

Cool Stuff is overdosing on robots at the CES Las Vegas. Except one.

This adorable Robo Cutie delivers my favorite Coke Zero and looks to accommodate 3-4 Paradise Pizzas. So since I bought this one for the Samoa News editorial staff with my extra per diem cash, does Cool Stuff hand carry, use check-in luggage, or buy a Hawaiian Airlines business class seat for this functional cutie? 

Looks like Talofa Air cargo will be my best value, unless I can convince the Hawaiian Airline flight attendants that my techy wonder will help them out during beverage service... and not eventually replace them.

Imagine pushing a button at your airline seat or smart phone to command my Robo Cutie to bring your Scotch, Hefewiezen, Sprite or Koko Samoa.