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Cool Stuff: Qlipet — solution for travel fatigue

The Qliplet by Lulabop is a thoughtful solution to one of our most common travel fatigue issues.    [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

We all have our specialized backpacks and roller bags... we are not going to change. But —  Qliplet has reinvented the way our bags work with each other.

Our Yuppie fellow travelers buy pricey coordinated combo two bag sets that fit together because they were made for each other.

Cool Stuff travels with highly secure and comfy Pacsafe backpack for camera gear, and a Nanuk hard case for medical supplies. And now, thanks to Qliplet, at the airport or checking into accommodations my Pacsafe and Nanuk are now best pals rolling with ease as one.

The Qliplet is a well engineered carabiner with 360 degree rotating rubber gripping hook that allows the magic to happen. I have used Nite-Eze rubberized "Gear Ties"... but it takes too much time to hook up and release. Gear Ties are an incredibly versatile product for many concerns, and were a good temporary solution... Qliplet is a specifically designed solution.

Cool Stuff bought our Qliplet at a Brookstone Airport Store for $19.

Awaiting the Qliplet winter coat edition for when we are transiting to/through Auckland, Oz, Tokyo, or the US Mainland in Winter and it's just too hot to wear on our return to the islands... me... my Cool Stuff hands are just too full carrying mealofas for you Coolios.