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Cool Stuff: AmSam Center of Presidential Universe

Cool Stuff has patiently waited for input from American Samoa's Congresswoman regarding the bizarre Republican race for their party's nominee. We received a clarification request, promptly answered of course, but no input from Amata (a highly knowledgeable participant in Republican affairs even before taking office.)


So between Sama's, and Vailima's it dawned on Cool Stuff that the Congresswoman has to work with the potential Republican US President, whether he is a “clown”, a “liar” or a “Canadian” ...words from the Republican candidates themselves to each other, (not opinions of Cool Stuff.). So maybe Congresswoman Amata feels she cannot publicly alienate any one of them to protect future efforts to advocate for the territory.


So if that spin doctoring on the lack of the Congresswoman's response is correct... look at the story on Tulsi Gabbard's resignation from the Democratic National Committee and endorsement of Bernie Sanders... courage by Tulsi or something deeper behind this?


Why would the biggest rising Democratic star defy her Party's efforts to crown Hillary Clinton after most polls say Hillary will win her nomination? Tulsi has to know more than us, or did she read Cool Stuff about an anticipated Hillary demise and the ascension of Joe Biden? Is Tulsi a strong Vice Presidential candidate for anyone but Hillary (assuming two women on a Presidential ticket might not be beyond American voter's comprehension at this time)?


Tulsi's move is intriguing, as her viewpoints appear to be more in line with Libertarians or Republicans than traditional Democrats. Yes, in case you were wondering, the Republicans definitely wish to woo her over to the GOP.


Incredibly the territory is connected to Tulsi through blood, Hillary with her visit, and most of you Coolios remember NOT being invited to drink rum on Donald Trump's yacht when it was in Pago Harbor several years ago.


Cool Stuff will share one very strong opinion about the 2016 Presidential contest. The broadcast Town Hall Meetings one-on-one segments with the candidates (primarily on CNN & Fox News) are a solid investment in your time... you are afforded great insight and fewer annoying childish attacks.


Cool Stuff is fed up with the name-calling, and taunts. We salute Dr. Ben Carson and Governor John Kasaich for being the adults in the Republican room... most civil... most decent.


Now, a brief rest until my Samoa elections are over so I can resume listening to 2AP's coverage of Parliament... always a place of great camaraderie, diplomacy, poise and truth, lol. More rum or Trump Vodka please Donald.