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USDOI awards American Samoa $10MIL for CIP

The U.S. Department of Interior has awarded American Samoa more than $10 million in federal funding, which was made public during the federal Interagency Group on Insular Areas (IGIA) annual meeting, and also recognized Gov. Togiola Tulafono’s contribution to the Group, as the governor is serving his last year in office.

The announcements were made public yesterday during the 2012 IGIA annual meeting in Washington D.C. where Interior Secretary Ken Salazar greeted the gathering, and spoke of his department’s efforts to empower insular communities.

The governors and congressional delegates from the territories as well as senior-level representatives from over twenty federal agencies were in attendance to discuss issues concerning the territories. Congressman Faleomavaega Eni was also present.

At the meeting, Salazar presented Togiola with an award commemorating his participation and contribution to the IGIA throughout his tenure as governor of American Samoa.

A news release from the DOI outlined grants awarded to the territories’ as part of the IGIA meeting. American Samoa’s amount was $10.5 million with the largest amount of just over $10 million ($10,089,000) in Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) funding for the following projects:

•            Renovate the LBJ Delivery and OR Suite            $1,300,000

•            ASCC Multipurpose Building            $1,700,000

•            DOE School Furniture and Equipment             $200,000

•            DOE School Buses            $200,000

•            Tualauta Sewer System            $244,650

•            Central Water System Improvements            $300,000

•            New Service Wharf            $3,700,000

•            Airport FAA 5% Match            $300,000

•            Tafuna Correctional Facility Building             $1,600,000

•            Su’igaula Utulei Park                        $39,900

•            LBJ Operations and Maintenance Set-Aside            $68,421

•            ASCC Operations and Maintenance Set-Aside            $89,474

•            ASG Operations and Maintenance Set-Aside            $317,889

•            ASPA Operations and Maintenance Set-Aside            $28,666

American Samoa was also awarded Technical Assistance Program grants with $20,000 to the Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) to continue recruiting MBA students as short-term consultants for facilitating improvements at DBAS; and a $250,000 Technical Assistance Program (TAP) grant for the local Department of Education to hire consultants to conduct an analysis of current processes and procedures.

Other grant funding for American Samoa includes $25,000 for the New American Samoa Procurement Rules Printing and Training. This will fund the printing of the new procurement rules written by the Department of Legal Affairs, as well as training for all three branches of government and the private sector.

Another grant, is for $38,300 for Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Cost Report Training for LBJ staff. This will fund training for department managers and finance staff that will equip them with skills and knowledge in collecting and filing proper documentation as well as preparing timely professional cost reports.


•            $50,000 is allocated to fund the Consumer Price Index Quality Assurance Review and Training. This will provide funding for a consultant to train data collectors and statistical staff on new techniques for improving calculations and maintaining quality assurance.

•            $25,000 to fund the hospital’s online medical library which will improve service and allow the staff to have access to a range of specialist and sub-specialist resources. It will also allow medical providers at the hospital to have immediate access to the full range of treatment options, peer reviewed research, and standards of care available online.

•            $50,000 is to go towards training staff, pending the formal proposal which DOI has not yet received.