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Truck raffle results declared null and void

Norris Alai’asa of Toa Productions, who is responsible for the raffle which was held at the end of the “Peace, Love and Harmony” Concert on April 27, 2012 has moved to invalidate the raffle results and issue refunds to everyone who bought tickets.

The concert had featured entertainers Adeaze – Feagaigafou, Logovii Tupa’i and Aaradhna. Alai’asa says he was saddened after many concerns were expressed pertaining to the raffle, and says they have come to the solution that they feel will be fair to all parties concerned.

Alai’asa said he takes full responsibility for the manner in which the raffle was executed.

He added that his lack of experience dealing with raffles has caused an uproar within the community “which unfortunately seems to have over shadowed our attempt to bring the community together for the enjoyment of world caliber musical talent of our very own Sons and Daughters of Samoa living abroad.”

Alai’asa said as difficult as this situation may be, it is of the utmost importance that they deal with this matter directly and that they do it right, resolve these concerns and refund the money.

He added that their mission and goal behind the concert was to inspire the people of American Samoa, particularly the youth. 

“The bar of aspiration was definitely raised through the eyes our community as the high standard of performance was made a reality, being live, up close and in person.

“Our goal of providing entertainment that could be enjoyed by the entire family was most certainly fulfilled,” he stated.

He added that the proceeds of the concert were to be donated to a private school, the Youth Development Sports Programs and to a Cancer Patient who represents all who are fighting the dreadful disease of cancer.

He said that it was their intention to serve the community, and bring the community together by providing this type of family-friendly activity; however it has been tainted by the devastatingly negative response due to the results of the truck raffle.

Alai’asa said they have been bombarded by potential lawsuits coming from every which direction. 

“From the would-be winners, to those who fulfilled the requirement of being present, as well as, from those who claim they didn’t know that they had to be present, etc.”

“We have been tirelessly trying to resolve the many concerns expressed, but are compelled to conclude that this raffle be declared null and void,” he said.

Alai’asa said they now have a claim center set up at the TOA Sports Complex in Mesepa for the distribution of refunds.

He said to please be advised that all claims must be verified before distribution of any payment.

Alai’asa said to ensure a smooth process they ask that in order to claim your money, to please email your information to or contact them by phone between the hours of 8am-2pm Monday thru Friday at 252-7970 or 733-4277.

“You must provide an identification card when you are present to claim your refund.”

He added that the claim center will be open by appointment only from 4pm-7pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8am-12pm.

Alai’asa said the deadline for all refund claims is June 22, 2012.


A 2011 Nissan Frontier king cab truck was the winning prize for the raffle held during the Peace, Love and Harmony concert and was at the center of a dispute between the organizer and Christina Iosefo.

Alai’asa told Samoa News in an earlier interview that he was reluctant to release the Nissan truck to Christina after several complaints were brought to his attention.

“Christina Iosefo was not physically present at the concert and this was one of the most important rules of the raffle.” he said.

“One of the requirements of the raffle in order for the ticket to be valid— which was announced on the radio, TV and the advertisement published in the newspaper— was that you must be present during the concert in order for your ticket to be valid for the raffle” said Alai’asa.

According to the advertisement that was published in Samoa News, the locations where tickets were sold, the sponsors and the date of the concert were all noted; and admission fees were outlined. At the bottom of the ad it reads: “for more info email