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Tackling diabetes will be easier thanks to research

The Fred Hollows Foundation, which works to end avoidable blindness, says the work of two University of Auckland researchers will lead to a more co-ordinated approach to helping people with diabetes.The students, from the School of Population and Health, Billy Wu and Mai Ling Gregory, were investigating on behalf of the Hollows Foundation’s Pacific Eye Institute.The looked into what challenges affected service delivery for diabetics in the Suva area of Fiji.The Foundation’s executive director, Andrew Bell, says elimination of barriers to service will be vital in dealing with what has been dubbed the ’Diabetes Tsunami.’ “It’s really important that there is this way of facilitating the pathways to access the service. So that was the work that Billy Wu did - he was saying how does this heal this system hang together so that we can make as easy as possible for diabetics to actually access the services they require.”Andrew Bell.