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Samoa’s 2021 New Year baby is from Savaii

(L-R) RN Lautasi Alao, RN        Amanaki Lautusi, Koreta and Visesio with Samoa's New Year baby of 2021. [
Source: Samoa Global News

Apia, SAMOA — Samoa’s first born baby for 2021 was born to Koreta Keti and Visesio Roma from Fusi Safotulafai, and Puapua village in the north east coast of Savaii.

A baby girl, just under 7 pounds was born at Motootua National Hospital at 2.35am this morning in what was not an easy delivery as shared by RN Tiara Tuulua and RN Lea Pomaniana.

Samoa’s baby girl could possibly be the World’s first born baby for 2021, if Tonga or Kiribati do not register birth times before Samoa. According to UNICEF an estimated 371,504 babies will be born around the world on the 1st of January 2021.

Koreta, 26, looked relaxed and recovered the next morning as she shared with Samoa Global News that this being their firstborn, there were a few contenders put forth by both sides of the family, for their baby girl’s name.

Koreta says she had traveled from Savaii some 4 weeks ago, to stay with her brother and his wife at Moamoa, so she could have her baby at Motootua National Hospital.

 “We arrived here at 1am, and she had baby an hour and a half later,” says the proud new father.

 Samoa’s New Years baby was delivered by RM Tiara Tuulua, the same registered nurse who had also delivered Samoa’s 2020 Baby a year ago.

Samoa Global News arrived before the health workers’ change of shifts at 8am. The RNs who had been on duty through the night l were excited to welcome the New Year, with cheerful smiles despite the all-nighter.

“Koreta and her baby girl were brought in from the Labour Ward after 2.30am, followed by Maybella and her baby boy just before 5am,” they confirmed.

RN Tiara Tuulua confirms that at the end of their shift on the morning of 1st Jan, they had delivered 3 babies; two girls and a boy.

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