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Samoan language is our identity, says chair of the Samoan Language Commission

WE NEED OUR SAMOAN LANGUAGE: Rev. Lavilavi Soloi, Rev. Vaiao Alailima Eteuati and Makerita Asiata. (Photo: Aruna Lolani/ Samoa Observer))

We should value our Samoan language and do the best we can to strengthen how it is used.

That is the message from the Chairperson of the Samoan Language Commission; Reverend Vaiao Alailima Eteuati.

He was speaking during a press conference to highlight the work of the Commission, especially in relation to how symbols are applied in the written word.

The Commission is concerned about the many ways the symbols and signs are wrongly used. Rev. Vaiao pointed out that our language is slowly fading because elders no longer place emphasis on its use and how it is used.

“That is why the government has decided to find a way to bring back the Samoan language and use it correctly,” said Rev. Vaiao.

 “Our language is our identity from God and that is why we had to bring this issue to the Cabinet.”

The Commission was first established in 2014.

“Our language is slowly slipping away, and that’s why the government set up this Commission for us to look deeply at ways to recapture our Samoan Language.”

 “The main goal now is for our people to emphasize and keep our Samoan language alive through writing and the main purpose of the legislation is to treasure and develop our language for the people of Samoa before they go outside of our country.”

Rev. Vaiao added that the legislation is based on the correct use of punctuation marks or symbols in the Samoan language has been passed and approved by the Cabinet.

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