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Air New Zealand's strict tattoo policy could be in for a shake up

Wellington, NEW ZEALAND — Air New Zealand is expected to announce changes to its strict tattoo policy later this month.

The national carrier has a long-standing policy of not permitting visible tattoos for staff wearing its "koru uniforms" and applicants must disclose if they have body art anywhere on their body so the airline can discuss it with them.

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said: "We intend to make a positive announcement in this space by mid-June".

Air New Zealand has been in the spotlight on multiple occasions for its firm stance on tattoos, with inked applicants expressing their frustration at being turned away from jobs.

In 2018 Tauranga woman Lynley Baker, who applied for a part-time customer service role with Air New Zealand, had her job application declined because she had a tattoo of Tinker Bell on her back.

She was told by the airline that the tattoo, which sits between her shoulder blades, would have been visible while wearing the airline's distinctive "koru dress" uniform – which went against its uniform policy.

And in March Sydney Heremaia told the NZ Herald he was turned down from a customer service role with Air New Zealand at Whangārei Airport because of a tā moko on his shoulder, and tatau (Samoan tattoo) on his forearm.

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