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Social Service-Adoption Agency, Honorable Judges Patea and Satele, Remarkable IsaLei Iuli and Stanley of Samoa Air.

Dear Editor,

We would like too commend and recognize the ASG Social Service-Adoption Agency, our ASG Judicial System, and Mrs. IsaLei Iuli for their professionalism, dedication and concern for the adopted child, adoptive parents, the biological parents; and, how they make sure that all is done with truth, love and well-being of the adopted child.

We begin with IsaLei Iuli, who directed and educated us about each part (i.e. ASG Social Service-Adoption Offices, Honorable Judges) portraying the welfare, concerns, and care of our own child to be adopted. Our Territory is much more stringent than that of the United States and elsewhere.

Ms. Iuli took care of all legal documentation, court filings, and representation in our ASG Judicial Family Court-Adoption. She was amazing, patient, and taught us well.

We would like to commend and recognize from the ASG Social Service-Adoption Offices: Ms. Celestine, Mrs. Faga Mapu, Ms. Fatu, Mrs. Flo Sega, and Alofa, for their patience with us. Helping us to understand each step to insure that all parties comprehend what is to happen and why.

Everyone worked with such professionalism, diligence, and with dedication with our family. It was amazing working closely with Mrs. Faga Mapu who never ceased whenever we called or emailed. The ASG Social Service-Adoption Offices "always" answered their phones, "always" cared about our questions and concerns, they never ceased keeping all apprised and forthwith. When they said they would call back, they did, we never had to wait; they called back within that day! What teamwork, how proud we felt for our government's agency!

Each person involved was precious and priceless as they were with us every step of the way.

The Judges: Honorable Judge Patea and Honorable Judge Satele, were not hesitant as to the welfare of the adopted child, the adoptive parents, and that of the biological parents. Their concerns in every phase taken, they were just like their titles, HONORABLE! In our eyes, they were Magnificent!!!

As for the biological parents, they wanted this child to have a chance in life as they could not afford or give this child any of what he has been given since birth — a remarkable and loving life. The parents’ hardship of 6 other children to care for and with no employment and WIC for 3 of their youngest is all that they can bear. We thank them from our hearts for their willingness to give one out of their 7 sons a chance for a good and better life.

Despite all that has happened with our government and DC's mayhem with the shutdown by President Trump... our very own government agencies, honorable judges, and individual sole proprietor, never ceased in helping us with our great need that was successful on Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019! We were blessed with: 1. Parental Relinquishment and 2. Adoption Decree!

We would also like to commend and recognize, Stanley, with Samoa Air, for his great help with our matter. He too never ceased to help us with all that transpired, we are so grateful to Stanley and to his employer, Samoa Air!

With respect and gratitude to all,

James Neil Chapman and Meleagi Suitonu-Chapman