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Dear Editor,

There has been a significant increase of internal mail theft within our Territory’s Postal Service Office. Yes, I am talking about those employees that operate behind closed doors at the post office.

On behalf of families, friends, colleagues, that have been victimized by such heinous and horrendous act of those employees, I want to bring this issue to light because it is not the first time it happened nor will it be the last. It baffles me that security cameras are not even considered or installed within the vicinity of the main post office in Fagatogo to catch these lowlife scumbags.

Let me remind you all that under US Code 18 Section 1708, mail theft is defined as taking any piece of mail that is not your own for any purpose. It is a federal crime that if you are charged with, you could face up to five years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000.

So you tell me, is it worth that much to steal other people’s mail from their families?   

Do you even think about the hardships and struggles we face on a day-to-day basis getting those things for our families? You have to be a heartless person to steal from people like that. Let alone doing it while on the clock.

Do you think digging in people’s boxes and re-taping it using the postal office tape is going to make a fool out of the public? Let me tell you what, WE ARE NOT STUPID. Keep on doing it, you WILL get caught.

Leadership in the Postal Service, please we urge you all to do something about this.

O malosi o tagata o le atunu’u na e tou te taaalo ai. O lea sou faalogona ae tupu se mea faapea i le tou aiga? Tou te lagonaina lava le mea tonu lava lea matou te lagonaina I le taimi lava lenei. Ma le faaaloalo lava faafetai. 

A Concerned Marine,

Fautua Thompson