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Dear Parents of Children with Special Needs family:

It has come to our attention that 2 more physicians are being let go from LBJ. Both physicians are qualified physicians, and willing to stay with LBJ, but LBJ has opted not to renew their contracts. When speaking with one, who serves our family, we were told that no reason had been given as to why the contracts are not being renewed.

This concerns me as a parent. Our hospital is short staffed and in need of physicians. The ER is typically full of critical patients, and with long waiting times to see a physician. Should my child become critically ill, there is no assurance she would be seen in a timely way to address her needs.

Similarly, a few years ago we saw several physicians lost. We cannot afford to lose more.

I urge you to contact your Faipule to address this important issue immediately.


Sandra Scanlan